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Questions about Somatic Experiencing, SE and Movement, or Energy Work?

How can Somatic Experiencing help me?

Somatic Experiencing™ encourages you to learn new skills to promote self-regulation. In order to bring the autonomic nervous system back into alignment and relieve emotional and bodily distress, I will direct you to become aware of your physical sensations and responses as you discuss feelings, experiences, and memories. The discussion may not even be about the direct source of distress. You report on your bodily responses and the interactions with your emotional state, while I may ask you to engage in physical movements to help release energy, access new emotions, and activate your natural healing abilities. All of this happens within a respectful, safe space that honors your needs, and doesn’t ask for more than you are comfortable with.

What do SE and movement sessions look like?

These sessions are similar to SE sessions, but are good for individuals who may may be seeking to deepen their relationship to the body in a safe and contained setting. You may want to choose a particular life theme to focus on, or simply be with whatever is arising in the present movement. Allowing your body to move and express itself authentically as it unwinds and processes stuck emotions may help to create greater capacity and resilience in the person as a whole.

"It doesn't interest me in how you move, but what moves you"- Pina Bausch

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